söndag 26 januari 2014

Big Ben

   Hi, it was a wonderful day and you can´t believe what we did.
Today we were at the Bridgestreet and saw the famous Big Ben. Did you know that Big Ben is officially named Great clock of west minister.  It´s really tall, about 96,3 meter high. The clock was mold in 1856 and was introduced 1859.  They renamed Big Ben in 2012 to Elisabeth Tower, in a tribute to queen Elizabeth.

The clock is built in five diffrent clocks. The biggest one is the one we can se on the Big Ben. The four smaller watches strike every full and half hour, quarter to and quarter past. They are playing in diffrent tones and multi-stroks so the people know what time it is just by hearing the sound. 

Big Ben has not only become known for London, people are also picturing it when they are thinking of the Uk.

London has many symbols, they have the Routemasterbuss, Hackney carriage and the most famous is the Big Ben. 

Here are some pictures

If you are wondering why we don´t post photos of ourself, it´s because we don´t want pictures that we are on in the internet.

I know i haven´t post reagulary and i´m going to be better. I need to go now and hopefully I have posted something untill friday.

London says bye. 

onsdag 22 januari 2014


Hi, I´m sorry that i haven´t written something in a long time. When we were going to take our flight on monday our plane was late by two hours. I don´t even now how that is possible. So the first thing we did when we reached the hotel was too got to bed because we were so tired. 

It has been raining ever since we got here, and I hope it will get better soon. We have so much things to do. The hotel that we are staying on is amazing, it´s perfect because it´s not far away from the city center.  since we are six people we are sharing three rooms.

Here is a picture on the hotel and my room.


Tomorrow we will go and see the famous Big Ben and maybe if we have time, we could take a ride with the London Eye.

Talk to you soon, Hanna.

söndag 19 januari 2014

About my London trip

Hello, my name is Hanna. 
I´m an 18 year girl of Sweden. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and as my birthday gift I got a trip for me and my friends to the Uk. We are going tomorrow on Monday. We are going to take a flight early in the morning, and i am so exited. 

The reason that I started this blog were because my bestfriend Amanda couldn´t come with us. She really wanted to go and she got so disapointed when she couldn´t. This blog is for her and ofcourse all of you that want to come along on our journey.  I´ve never had a blog before so this should be intresting.

We are going to England were I´ve always wanted to go. We are going to se the many things that London has to offer. For example London Eye and Big Ben. There should be a famous wax museum named Madame Tussauds,Ii would really want to see it.  

In this journey i hope to learn more about the english culture and tradition. I would like to taste the Fish´n´chips, one of my friends were there last year and she said that it was delicious.

 I will post tomorow when we have arrived and I hope that you will enjoy reading this blogg as much as I will enjoy writing it. 

See you soon, Hanna